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Regional Expert Workshop on


Water Resources and Climate Change: Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation

November 3 – 7, 2019, Amman, Jordan


Sustainable development in the already vulnerable MENA region faces several challenges, among which is climate change.  Though the MENA region is not a main contributor to climate change, it is projected that several vital sectors in the MENA region will be negatively impacted by it, which is a threat to the sustainability of its socio-economic development.

Water availability in the MENA region is projected to be negatively impacted by climate change due to the projected reduction in rainfall and increased evaporation as a consequence to temperature rise.   In addition, domestic and agricultural demands will dramatically increase due to the projected temperature increase rise which will enlarge the already existing gap between supply and demand in several MENA countries.


This workshop seeks to gather professionals of multidisciplinary backgrounds and expertise over three days to present and discuss their diverse experiences related to the possible climate change impacts, mitigation and adaptation options in the MENA region.  This workshop is expected to strengthen the already existing professional connections among the EXCEED network partners in addition to establishing new professional connections with new participants from the region.  The workshop will help the participants gain better understanding and share experiences related to climate change causes, impacts, mitigation measures and adaptation options.


  • Evidence of global warming and climate change,
  • Contribution of the MENA region to climate change,
  • Climate change modeling, limitations, uncertainty and scenarios,
  • Climate change mitigation options,
  • Vulnerability and impacts of climate change on water resources in the MENA region,
  • Vulnerability and impacts of Climate change on food security in the MENA region,
  • Vulnerability and health impacts of climate change in the MENA region,
  • Vulnerability and Ecological impacts of climate change in the MENA region,
  • Vulnerability and social impacts of climate change in the MENA region,
  • Role of education and training in adapting to climate change in the MENA region,
  • Role of raising public awareness in adapting to climate change in the MENA region,
  • Climate change strategies in the MENA region,
  • Role of policies in adapting to climate change in the MENA region,
  • Role of technological advancements in the water sector in adapting to climate change.

Target Audience

This is an expert workshop, so main target groups are water engineers, technical and administrative personnel of water utilities and relevant ministries as well as academicians in partner countries of EXCEED-SWINDON in the Middle East & North Africa region who are doing research and publish in the area related to the topic of this workshop.

Number of Participants

The number of participants is limited to 40.


Please apply online until 08 JULI, 2019:

 http://mena.exceed-swindon.org/apply-for-a-workshop/ ‎

Selection and Notification to the applicants until 15 JULI, 2019

Abstract and Workshop Paper:

a) abstract:

For extended abstract paper submission please carefully read and use the following template:
Template-for-Abstract (Deviation from template is not accepted).

b) full paper submission:

Deadline for full paper submission is 26 OCTOBER 2019 by e-mail to:
abbas.alomari [at] ymail.com and  meaydin [at] erbakan.edu.tr

Workshop Book

The authors of the accepted abstracts (based on the abstracts submitted) are required to submit a full paper and a copyright agreement. The full papers are printed in a Workshop Book with associated ISBN number and are published by Cuvillier Publisher, Germany.

Guidelines for Paper Preparation

The authors are required to prepare the full paper according to the guidelines below:

Guidelines for Exceed Swindon Proceedings Papers


Example for a good formatted paper

Download of Flyer

Flyer for Jordan expert workshop