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Plenary Meeting

exceed-SWINDON Plenary Meeting 2021

Amman, Jordan, Nov 29 (arrival) –  Dec 3 (departure), 2021

Dear exceed-Swindon colleagues, dear friends,

It’s hard to believe, but the exceed-Swindon project is coming to an end. We are looking back on a total of 13 years of intensive cooperation and hopefully also many new insights in the areas that the project has set its sights on. We are coming together for the last time in this large group to exchange ideas, listen to interesting presentations and perhaps also talk about further collaborations.

To participate, please register below and send your registration by this Friday, 8 Oct 2021. It is important to have registered by then, as the sooner flights and tickets can be arranged, the better. This will obviously affect the flight routes and ticket prices.

Everyone is encouraged to read, download and sign the TaC document and return a pdf copy. Everyone is asked to obtain a visa in good time, to have a vaccination certificate (full vaccination!) and to have a PCR test carried out before departure (should not be older than 48 h). Without these documents, a flight or entry into Jordan cannot take place. Please also make sure that your passport is still valid for at least one year and and don’t forget to bring some protective (medical) masks with you.

Unfortunately, this time we can only cover the visa fees and not the additional costs for procurement (i.e. costs for travel/flights to the embassy, overnight stays). The costs for the PCR test will be covered. Transfer costs airport/hotel can only be covered in Jordan, but not for the transfer to the airport in the home country.

After registration, you will receive a flight offer from DerPart which has to be confirmed in order to receive the electronic ticket afterwards and after presentation of the valid visa. Please, and this is important now: Everyone is requested to accept the flight offers from DerPart, as there are currently only a few variation options due to reduced flight connections. Delays regarding ticket bookings definitely drive up ticket costs, which cannot be accepted from a low budget point of view.

Another important note: The DAAD only accepts cancellations in the following exceptions: Forces of nature, sudden illness (medical certificate is required), sudden death within one’s close family. If there are other reasons than those mentioned before and the travel was not undertaken, we must reclaim the flight and accommodation costs as well as the cancellation costs.

After entering Jordan, another PCR test is required at the airport (the first test at home was for boarding the plane).

And again: Only fully vaccinated people can travel!


We are sorry to give this long list of information, but it is inevitable.

Best regards,

Andreas Haarstrick & Klaus Fricke


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Plenary Meeting Final Programme 2021

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