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TUBITAK Marmara Research Center (MRC)

October 2nd – 8th, 2016 // Istanbul, Turkey

Population growth and fast industrial improvements in conjunction with expected climate change adversely effect on water resources in Mena region. Hence, there is an urgent need for sustainable water management implementations and developments for innovative water resources together with pollution control and mitigation of climate change impact concerns. The relevant interest is growing for the appraisal of practical implementations to attain holistic integrated approach and consequently putting them into practice for coastal communities. Along these lines the aim of the presented Summer School is to provide a theoretical and practical overview of sustainable water and wastewater management and principal aspects of environmental technologies especially concentrating on water reuse applications. Low rainfall, high population density, migration, intensive irrigation, industrial activities, energy production, water quality decline are the core explanations of water scarcity in the region. Likewise, the perception of Integrated Urban Water Management, namely managing freshwater,wastewater and storm water for complete river basin is receivingsignificant attention. Water management for coastal communities involve the management of urban water cycle in connection with the hydrological water cycle also includes water facilities. The concept takes into account valuation of alternative water sources, rainwater and reclaimed water

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